holistic life coaching

For those seeking a more empowered and enriched existence – uncover your purpose, cultivate your most aligned work and relationships, and create the vision you desire for your life.

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no. 01 – spark session

Align Your Vision for Inspired Direction

24 hours of dedicated support for you to clarify your current pain points, align you with your desired change, and activate the steps and momentum you need to move in your next direction.

Starting with our 1:1 call we will examine what isn't working and why, breakdown any sticky emotions holding you back from change, harness your innate creativity, name the strengths and support you have to support your next steps,  and elevate your confidence to make your vision real.

+ 1:1 60 min. coaching session
+ Personalized directives and next steps
+ 24hr support via Voxer

light your spark

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no. 02 – glow up bundle

Unlock Your Power for Your Next Evolution

3 sessions designed for you to step into embodied confidence, clarity, and action. We will dive deep into the habits, patters of behavior, beliefs, and emotions that keep you in the way of activating your motivation and vitality.

Created for those who are ready to push their growth edges. You will end the 3 sessions having owned your strengths, aligned with your values, and implemented new courses of action supporting you as you create life that lights you up daily.

+ Three 1:1 60 min. coaching sessions
+ Personalized directives and next steps after every session
+ 24hr support via Voxer after every session

i'm ready for the glow

coming soon:


A 6 week group coaching course designed for you to courageously step into your role as the leader of your life.

no. 03 – illuminated course

Own Your Authenticity and Create Your Designed Life

Are you ready for your next level? The Illuminated Course is a deeply supportive 12 week 1:1 exclusive mentorship program designed for you to revitalize your understanding of your identity, needs, strengths, emotional intelligence, energetic cycles, boundaries, communication styles, and personal magnetism.

Every week of your journey peels back a new layer of discovery and self-reclamation, allowing you to embody a more true and empowered version of yourself on a daily basis, and create the highest quality of life you desire.

Choose your season, and unfold into your most honest, embodied, and joyful self, naturally designing your most inspired life along the way.

+ 12 1:1 60 min. coaching sessions
+ Personalized directives and next steps after every session
+ 24hr support via Voxer M-F
+ Access to all Life Design workshops and resources
+ Optional: somatic movement/yoga sessions, astrology readings, guided meditations, and more.

Next session begins the week of the Summer Solstice June 20th
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illuminate your life
love from clients

"Hollis got right to the issues, even when I tiptoed around them – she gently would help me face the things I needed to face and then show me how to work with them to either turn them into something positive, or get rid of them if they no longer work for me."

"The weekly meetings provided the accountability I needed, and I think many people need, to really commit to internal work... they did not feel like pressure, but rather an encouraging boost. We were able to check in on what was and wasn’t working so that the weekly steps were most aligned with my goals and any challenges I was working through."

"Hollis gave me confidence and habits that have rippled into other areas of my life -- I got more from Life Design than I even expected going into it."

"Hollis showed me that I have EVERYTHING it takes to achieve my goals and also gave me step-by-step weekly goals that took my business concept from a dream into a very concrete reality! I'm very close to launching my new businesses all because of Life Design and what Hollis helped me do."
"Hollis helped me incorporate several practices of self acceptance, energetic alignment, and reflective journaling that helped me to work with myself as opposed to against myself."
"I will carry this work in my back pocket forever. "

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