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my design ethos ↓

Every design tells a story, and the purpose of the designer is to tell that story clearly, efficiently and attractively.

I bring to the table over ten years experience applying creative problem-solving, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness to the full spectrum of every-day to complex design projects. 

I thrive off of working with clients to find their answers, and create the strongest and most effective images, identity, and visual voice for their projects.

By providing you with strong visual tools for your brand, your event, and/or your project, I hope to inspire confidence, excitement, joy and fulfillment. Not only for the purpose of the design, but also for you. Our lives are our biggest projects, and each thing we do determines how that project looks in the end. I hope to help you realize your biggest ideas, so that your biggest project can evolve and grow in its best way possible.

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my strongest skills ↓

+ Identity & Brand Ideation and Development
+ Digital Marketing Production
+ Communications & Print Design
+ Packaging Design
+ Custom Typography
+ Illustration

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"Hollis has been an invaluable resource in my business. She has the uncanny ability to create exactly what I want even when I don't have a clear vision. She took the time to understand our aesthetic and company and was able to provide both print and web design that captures the playful fun of a child and family business while still maintaining a clean and professional style that appeals to our clients - parents, administrators and other professionals.

She has a positive vibe, clear communication, quick response time and always delivers projects on time or early. I have referred her to other entrepreneurs I work with and their feedback has been outstanding."

- Rachel Costello, YoReMi & Yoga Builds

"Hollis' talent, creativity and ability to translate images in my head to something tangible is impeccable. Her work ethic, quick turn around, and flexibility has helped up forge one of my most revered and easygoing business relationships. But it's her spirit, her transparency, her heart that makes working with her and her company worthwhile."

– Jade Foster, Film Producer

"Hollis is truly a graphic goddess! She has the unique ability to translate abstract concepts into images that truly capture and expand the essence of my brand. Hollis infuses her design ideas with a deep understanding of the power of symbols to inspire and motivate. She is creative, innovative, experienced, and professional as well as incredibly fun to work with!

- Lindsay Fauntleroy, L.Ac., M.A., M.S, Oceans & Rivers: Acupuncture and Holistic Wellness

"Hollis has been a lifesaver for my me and my business. As a creative entrepreneur and mom, I'm often riding by the seat of my pants with last minute design requests. She really listens to my vision and then in record-breaking time produces designs that are both congruent with and exceed my original ideas. This combination of creativity and efficiency is invaluable to me. I recommend her to every entrepreneur I know!"

Dara Cole, Sacred Studio Brooklyn
I would recommend Hollis to anyone and everyone! We have been working with Hollis for years—for all sorts of design-related projects, including event invitations, mailed brochures, marketing materials and ads, program flyers, website materials, logo designs…even cookbooks. She brings such wonderful energy and creativity to every project—big and small—and is always extremely responsive and approachable.

Hollis is able to balance her tremendous eye for design with a unique flexibility, patience and professionalism to work with us to achieve the best possible outcome for our projects. We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials, and we always know we can count on Hollis to deliver!

- Derek, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

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By working together, we can dive into the deeper qualities and purpose of your project to creatively and beautifully articulate the full meaning behind your story.
My clients don’t come to me because I offer a particular look or style. They come to me because I help them articulate, express and display their unique voice and style.
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