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It is not enough to simply find yourself. You must create in alignment and with intention, seek out inspiration and connect to your passion. Stretch the edges of yourself and manifest the highest version of you possible.

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Hollis Maloney

I'm the kind of person that lives what I believe. To that extent, my work is (and has always had to be) an extension of myself. The work you'll find here, whether it be graphic design or life design, will always be done with integrity, kindness, creativity, and heart.

I was born into a creative family, and art was a strong part of my life from infancy. My younger years were tumultuous and trauma ridden, and design, self-expression, and alternative therapies were found medicines which became my anchors, at a time when I could barely see myself.

While completing my BFA in graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, I began envisioning a way to apply design thinking to life – but I didn't quite know what that looked like. I approached every project with the question of, "how would this affect and change people?"

In 2013 when I completed my 200 YTT and started teaching yoga in Brooklyn, I did so because yoga had been the life raft that pivoted me away from self-sabatoge to self-acceptance in college. And in 2014 it was the key tool that helped me take the brave leap to begin my own graphic design business.

In my work I continued to explore how design thinking could be applied to life's challenges, now with the addition of somatic therapy. I knew there was a synthesis that could create practical solutions to the disorienting questions of a person's life, and I felt like I was getting closer.

After completing multiple yoga and meditation trainings, and becoming certified in Reiki, in 2018 I co-founded YES (Yoga. Evolution. Soul.) Studio in Ridgewood, Queens, while continuing my design business. I managed a team of 50 teachers and staff and hosted 100+ students each day. I had designed a space for students to explore their own life challenges, in the safety of community. It was a dream realized, and sadly we closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was from the dissolution of my yoga studio that my decade long question finally found its answer. Since 2021 I've had the incredible privilege of supporting clients through holistic life coaching via 1:1 development and group workshops in person and online. Leveraging the tools of design-thinking, somatic therapy, meditation and mindfulness, I guide my clients on their own journey of self-discovery into empowered self-expression, energetic healing, and intentional growth via aligning with their own creativity and inner power.

The work I do with graphic design and life design is the marriage of all my passions, and it's because of (not in spite of) the challenges along my journey that got me here. In design and life, parameters and boundaries exist to help us create the most effective and empowering solution to fit our needs. And when we leverage the strengths as much as the constraints, we discover exactly who we're meant to be and what we are meant to create.

Because life is too inescapably brief to create half-heartedly, live by other people’s rules, or wait for life to happen. Now is your moment - make your vision real.

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