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We want people to be and feel fully alive. We desire for everyone to feel awake to their experiences, and spend their precious time here exactly how they want to. 

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Life Design Co.

Life Design Co. began first as an idea motivated by passion.

The idea was to develop a process that applied the strategic problem-solving methods of design to our daily, human, lives. The passion was (and is) for everyone to truly know themselves, and live in alignment with their values, from a place of whole-heartedness, and with the excitement to expand their potential.

I had a hunch that the spontaneity of the human spirit, aided by mindful strategy, and directed by one's unique passions would result in a fulfilling life.

What began as a seed of an idea took years to sprout. From 2015 to 2020, Life Design Co. germinated and coalesced until it was finally ready to be brought into form. The first offering is a custom 12 week program to deeper self-empowerment, and this is just the beginning.

The dream is to galvanize a wave of people embracing their lives with passion, honesty, and excitement. Life Design Co. will be a source of creative inspiration for people to seek and develop their authentic voice, and take action to realize their dreams.

It is entirely possible for all of us to uncover and live within our power. We will be of the initiators in this collective movement.

founder + coach

Hollis M. M.

Hollis created Life Design Co. in 2020 with the belief that we can all self-actualize if we're simply given the tools and offered the support. Life Design Co. is the marriage of all her passions - creative problem solving, design aesthetic, mindfulness, self-expression and living with a whole heart.

Hollis was born into a creative family, and design was a strong part of her life from infancy. After moving to New York to study graphic design at The School of Visual Arts, she leveraged her family's entrepreneurial spirit and began her own graphic design business in 2014.

Following her desire to cultivate deeper connections and transformations with her clients, from 2013 to 2019 she completed multiple yoga and meditation trainings, and became certified in Reiki. In 2018 she co-founded YES (Yoga. Evolution. Soul.) Studio in Ridgewood, Queens where she managed a team of 50 teachers and staff and hosted 100+ students each day.

It is her unique background and experience in both the design and holistic health worlds that create Hollis' vision for Life Design Co., coupled with her passion for deeply fulfilling inter- and intrapersonal human connection. The platform of Life Design Co. will allow Hollis to continue to create unique offerings that inspire an empowered community, the members of which embrace life in every moment, and who turn their lives into masterpieces of their own creation.

Creative + Administrative Director

Kimmy Anne Dunn

In 2018, Kimmy interviewed for a work-study position at a yoga studio opening up in her neighborhood in Queens. The studio was as fresh, warm, and welcoming as its owner, Hollis, whom she immediately liked for her organization, genuine kindness, and respect.

Their initial meeting ignited a partnership that continues to this day. Kimmy’s had the pleasure of working and growing with Hollis through The YES Studio to the evolution of Life Design Co.

No stranger to the world of creative expression, Kimmy's background in acting, improvisation, and teaching brings an eclectic skillset, hungry curiosity, and adaptable disposition to her role. Behind the scenes at Life Design Co., Kimmy wears many hats, blending her love of storytelling, project management, and creative problem-solving.

She considers herself incredibly fortunate to be part of a team that fosters community, nurtures connection, and encourages whole-hearted living. Kimmy delights in pottery, reading, soccer, good eats, mindful living, and kind hearts.

Because life is too inescapably brief to live half-heartedly, by other people’s rules, or waiting for life to happen.

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